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Children's Ministries


The Bible says, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6


Children's ministries are extremely important in our church family. Children truly are a gift from God.


We pray that God will guide our teachers as they reveal the truth as it is in Christ Jesus to the children in our community. 


Children have the opportunity to make a difference in this world, including through ministries such as those listed here. 


Children are welcome to join us at Clemmons for Sabbath school, church, and various activities.

Kid's Links

Adventurer Fun Day 2018
TCA Graduation 2018
Pathfinders Community Service
VBS 2018
Youth in Service
Pathfinder Marching practice
Clemmons Adventurers
Mother's Day, Youth Serve
Sea of Miracles 2018
Sea of Miracles staff
VBS participants
Church Camp 2017
Adventurer Fun Day 2018
Adventurer Hay Ride
Hanging Rock 2017
Game Station
Lake Junaluska 2017
Potluck Birthday celebration
Fishers of Men
Bible Story Station
VBS games
Cactusville VBX 2017
VBS Round-Up
VBS daily call & gold nugget
Prayer station
Sunset Canyon
Chuckwagon Snacks
Chuckwagon Snacks
Chuckwagon Snacks
Bible Stories
Campfire Stories
Wild Horse Corral
Trading Post
Sand Art crosses
Cactusville Trading Post
Daily Call
VBS staff & kids
Cactusville Mine
Cactusville kids
VBS kids
VBX staff & kids
Cactusville staff & kids
Operation Wheels

VBS 2017

Opening & Closing Program
Simona's Snack Station
Refreshment Counter
Mountaintop Prayer Station
Simona's Helper
Bible story time
Silly face time
Simona's Bible Story Station
Bible story nuggets
Sail away to Sea of Galilee
North Shore of Galilee
Craft station
Starfish net
Sail your boat
Game time
Jenga game
Game Island
Boatmaking 101
Mountaintop buddies
Village leaders with their group
Game Station
Kids playing games
Prayer Station Activities
Mountaintop Prayer Station
Making fish
Sea of Galilee ladies
Friends having fun
Special prayers to God
Learning to pray
Special prayer
Don't drop it...
Precious prayer time
Bible story experiment
Friends at the Beach
Making special sandals
Can you balance?
Writing prayers
Storm at sea
Sea in a bottle
Balancing act
Ahh, food...
2018 Sea of Galilee - Fishers of Men

VBS 2018

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