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Sabbath Testimony

Have we ever had the misconception that just because we strive to do our best we won’t make mistakes? Or if we do “what’s right” this qualifies us for an automatic reward? We’ll be the richest in our circle, excel past our peers, or have the kind of marriage that friends and family envy? Do we think just because we strive to do what’s right it’ll automatically give us a 6th sense to avoid trials and errors?

Well, I for one, have learned a very humbling lesson over these past few weeks. About 2 months ago, my job began planning to implement Saturday hours. When hired over a year ago, that possibility wasn’t on the table. I expressed my concern to my manager and she said it would be a process with no promises, but we would take the necessary steps to plead my case to refrain from working all Saturday hours. For me it was a long period of uncertainty. While I made the decision to stand against compromising my beliefs, I was now faced with the possibility that if denied, I would have to leave my job.

Two weeks ago, HR requested a letter of accommodation from me for them to review and consider along with a letter from my pastor. Things were progressing, and wouldn’t you know it, the devil likes to mess with our head when we’re in the thick of things.

In addition to stirring the pot at work, I began to make terrible errors in my day to day tasks. Errors that, not only had me doubting my accuracy and capabilities, but errors that poorly reflected upon my team and company’s reputation. My fears skyrocketed that these setbacks would somehow affect my Saturday circumstances. I could delve into detail, but, let me tell you—it’s only thanks to God that I was able to rectify all mistakes and my coworkers and customers didn’t chastise me for them.

While conscious that the enemy was attempting to discourage me and steal my value, it still left me feeling incredibly unworthy and insufficient.

Friends, we are foolish to think we can live an error free life. Not only is it impossible, but it puts us in a dangerous area of pride.

While it’s important to give your best at whatever your hands findeth to do, our best is only possible thru the talents and capabilities God blesses us with! All credit and glory goes to God and I realized I was so focused on the shame of my mistakes that in turn I was subconsciously doubting that God was more powerful than circumstances that caused me stress and pain. Wow… scary, huh?

Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” When I read Proverbs 11:2, it hit me like a stack of bricks. I was putting so much stock in my own performance that I was straying away from where my center should remain. It was only then I could allow my mind and heart to lay meekly before my Savior. And friends, I am SO grateful that I did. It’s amazing what weight is lifted when we HUMBLY and COMPLETELY give to God our worries.

I felt my mindset shift. A perfect peace fell over me the remainder of last week. This past Wednesday my manager called me into her office and informed me my request to honor the Sabbath at my job had been granted. Praise the Lord! Through it all, it struck me in the realest sense that circumstances of uncertainty are amazing opportunities to exercise our faith and draw closer to Christ. It left me filled with a stronger need to follow His will.

As humans it’s easy for us to forget this lesson when faced with turbulent situations. As a family in Christ, I encourage you to remind not only yourself, but your brothers and sisters every day that God is ABLE whether we fail or not, to carry us through.

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